Monday, July 28, 2008

Bulk Food

My co-op order arrived today. What fun that was! Imagine a 15 pound box of scrumptious Deglet Noor Dates, or how about 5 sweetly decadent pounds worth of Carob Chips? 25 pounds of rolled oats anyone? These are just three of the many wonderful items that are available through They deliver monthly to our area. The only trouble is coming up with the minimum order amount. This time I asked church members for their orders and added them to my own. A little time consuming dividing them all up afterwards, but anywhoo... I found out when I picked up my order that there is a homeschool lady with a bunch of kids just 2 exits down from mine that orders a large order every month. I am going to check out to see if I can order with her on months when I need things. So I am excited about that possibility. Co-op orders are always sooooo much fun! :) I think it must be the quantity. haha!

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