Friday, July 11, 2008

A Good Week

This was really a good week overall.
Nathan did so well at sleeping at night. He's getting himself into a much better routine and that I am thankful for. It's nice to have things be a bit more predictable. I know that patterns are consistently changing, however, this is a pattern for now and this is good.
Hannah also did really good this week. One thing I noticed was how often I had been saying, "no! no! Don't do that!" Or, "Hannah, that was naughty, you disobeyed mommy, I'm going to need to give you a spanking. You need to obey." This week I made a decided effort to reward her with much praise, hugs, kisses and happiness when she DID obey. WOW! what a difference this has made!! Now when she chooses to obey I say "Hannah! Mommy is so HAPPY you obeyed!! Oh, I want to give you a hug! Thank you so much for being a good girl! Jesus is so happy too!" It is really adorable because now as soon as I say, "Thank you so much for obeying!" She gets the cutest look on her face, holds out her arms and comes over to me for her hug. How precious is that?! Thank you Jesus for the inspiration given for new methods. :)
I also was able to keep up with the housework in a relatively orderly manner and things are really fairly neat and clean and ready for the Sabbath. I pretty much have to be working towards Sabbath all week I have discovered. Being prepared isn't as easy as falling off a log! *laugh*
One thing regarding Sabbath preparations that I have worked on this week is a special Sabbath Bag for Hannah. In it I have some quiet toys and books that I hope and pray will help keep her occupied during the church service. One thing I happened upon last Sunday was a view finder with some really neat animal slides. This item happened to be on the clearance rack too! I was so excited at this find and am hoping that it's a hit for Hannah. I guess tomorrow will tell. I am planning on loading this bag up and taking it to church and storing it in the Cradle Roll room. This way she only see's these particular toys and books on Sabbath.
Some of Mike's family rolled in to Tennessee this past week. They are staying with Mike's grandparents that live nearby. On Thursday they all wanted to go boating really bad, so since Mike is the one with the boat he was begged and pleaded with to take them out on the lake. Which he did, even though the day ended up being rainy. Oh well, guess they were wet anyways, right? Also on Thursday some friends of mine from Missouri stopped by on their way through to a family reunion in Virginia. It was so nice to see all of them. Their one daughter was the flower girl in my wedding. It was nice to be able to show off my newest baby to them. ;) (yes, I'm a proud mama, hehe) Thursday was a big day it seems because that evening we also got to go Bowling!! I was so excited! A night out with the Hubby. We had so much fun playing. There is a great bowling place nearby that is nice and clean and doesn't have music playing. You know how some of those bowling alleys are with their smoke and loud crazy music. This place is a great hit for many families I have noticed.
Friday morning we headed out to Nathan's one month check-up. He has gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches in the past month. Wowzers! Way to go dude! =)
Sabbath we're planning a picnic at the lake with Mike's family so that should be fun.
This week I also got to read a few excerpts from the book "Created to Be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl. This really is an excellent book to read now and again. Has alot of great advice for keeping your marriage alive and happy. (Which is always a good thing.)
Well, I am off for a bit of a nap before my little munchins awaken from their blissful slumber. Hope all of you had a good week too. Have a happy and joyous Sabbath day.

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