Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Sabbath

Off at a trot

"Uh-oh" Surprise Landing

Some love the water

Others aren't too sure

We got a late start this Sabbath morning, I could hardly believe my eyes when i saw the clock read 8:00! I jumped up and hopped in the shower, but realized that we'd never be ready to leave in time to get to Sabbath School at the correct time. So, instead of making myself a frazzeled mess stressing over it, I just took things one thing at a time and we got out the door, an hour late. YIKES. I really felt badly because Hannah absolutely loves Sabbath School. Especially this quarter where the classroom theme is Noah and the Ark! At any rate, the day was a real blessing. In the evening after Hannah woke from her nap we filled the cooler with a tasty picnic supper and we were off for Panther Creek State Park. We had such a nice time together, walking one of the many trails that the park has to offer. This particular one wends its way through the woods along side Panther Creek. We even got to see a beautiful deer along the way! Hannah was fascinated! Afterwards we let Hannah play in the creek. Splashing and having a great time getting cooled off. Then we drove to the top of the mountain and enjoyed our picnic supper in full view of the beautiful Cherokee Lake. On our way out of the park we stopped in at the playground and let Hannah enjoy the swings and slides. She had so much fun she was sad to leave, even though her little eyes looked very tired. We're home now, Hannah is off in slumber land and Nathan is cooing and smiling at his Daddy. One thing I thought was so sweet was the way Hannah is responding to my telling her about Sabbath. Last evening I told her, "Hannah! Tomorrow is Sabbath!" she responded with a big smile and said "Happy! Happy! yaaaay!" Today she began singing her own rendition of the song "Sabbath is a Happy Day" It was so very cute. I am just so pleased at how she has been doing during church and how she is so very happy to have Sabbath come again. Enjoy the pictures of our day!

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  1. I love it! :) So nice to have a happy kid, isn't it? Especially one who enjoys Sabbath. Good parenting, guys!