Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Packing for Vacation-What I've learned

On Sunday we will be headed out on a vacation adventure. The very first as a family of four. We are excited. There's so much to do and to remember. I have been trying to write a list this afternoon, composing what I think it is that we might possibly need along with us. This is one hurdle, but the other hurdle is possibly more monumental. Wouldn't you know, our car is giving out. My pretty, red Expedition is biting the dust. I am so sad! Something to do with the transmition. Not anything you want to fool around with while en route. Thus, we have been scouting the area for a "new" vehicle. Lesson #1 There's never a vehicle in your price-range when you need it. Mike has been in turmoil trying to decide exactly what to do? Rent, buy, try to make it in what we have already? Ai ai ai...
Since we're planning on alot of water activities in this summer heat, I decided it was time for a new bathing suit. I found one to my liking and it arrived in my mailbox the beginning of this week. I tried it on and... Lesson #2 Don't expect your midsection to look too glamorous and flat 7 weeks post-partum. HAH! I was so dissapointed that it wasn't all flat as a pancake! Therefore I have learned Lesson #3 It's best not to suddenly try and flatten your tummy (or go on a crash exercise program) just before vacation. I ended up with some of the sorest muscles imaginable from too many crunches. Serves me right!
Lesson #4 When packing for two youngin's under the age of 2, don't expect the load to be too light. Because it won't be. LOL!
Previously learned, Lesson #5 Begin packing/planning a few days before leaving. It makes that last minute crunch much easier. Also, load the vehicle as much as possible the night before departure. You still manage to eat up a good 2 hours the next morning packing a bunch of "NOTHING!!!"
There, I have imparted my tidbits of wisdom.... :)


  1. It's so true! I hope your vacation experience goes better than packing for it! :) I remember the desperate attempts to flatten my takes months! You'll get there!

  2. Sounds like you have some great advice there! I enjoyed reading your blog and also I was looking at your latest photos of Hannah...awww how cute and adorable she is! :-)
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!
    Wish I was going to Missouri I miss all my friends and the mtn. grove church.
    Well you take care and talk to you later...God bless you and your little family of four!
    ~Crystal Dawn

  3. You are so wise! Trips are so hard to get ready for, I always dread it and I don't even have kidlets like you! Dan and I travel alot to Iowa and I kept forgetting this or that so I finally compiled a list of all the bare neccessities so at least we won't forget anything too important. It's much less nerve-wracking to pack now because I'm not so afraid I'm forgetting something! Have a great vacation!