Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sabbath Blessings

Sabbath was spectacular! Hannah was absolutely wonderful during church. She quietly busied herself with her toys and books and was a real gem. I even had to unexpectedly get up front and lead song service. She stayed seated quietly the entire time. I was SO proud of her.
The sermon was also great. It was an elder who spoke as our pastor is out of town this week. He basically told his testimony and it was very inspiring. I ended up getting a copy of it so I could listen to it again.

In the evening we headed for a picnic at the lake with Mike's family. That was very enjoyable. Mike's brothers brought their inflatable kyak sort of things and we went out on the water. Hannah had an absolute blast in the kyak and especially splashing in the water. It was so much fun!! I want to go to the lake again soon!!! I love the water and so does Mike, I think Hannah took after us. Here are a two shots of our outing.


  1. That looks so fun -- she is really brave!

  2. Hi Sarah, I saw your link on myspace for your blog on here. I have been on blogspot for awhile now.

    I love that picture of Hannah and you in the water! That is one thing I dislike about southern Illinois, they don't have any nice lakes and rivers near us. :(