Monday, August 25, 2008

10 Things you May or May Not Know about Me!

10 things you may or may not know about me:

1) While growing up, I detested math so much that I would rip or crumple up my math pages. My mom would make me tape the pages back together and do the work whether I liked it or not!

2) Before I married I secretly dreamed of either living in the Northwest or in Tennessee. Look where I ended up! Isn't that cool?!

3) Before I began having children I was sure I wanted 6 of them. Now that I have 2, I don't think I'll ever have 6. I'll be lucky to get to 3! haha!!

4) When I eat, I typically and somewhat unintentionally eat one type of food until it's gone before starting in on a different one. Unless it's Thanksgiving dinner-then I like to mix my mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce together. It's so good like that. LOL

5) My hair was almost blonde when I was young. What happened?!

6) I have composed over a dozen songs which I recorded on to a cassette and have written about the same amount of poems.

7) I always thought I'd like to open some sort of a restaurant someday. Whether it be a Delicatessen Shop or a little Deli or even a small sit down Diner.

8) When I was younger-back in the pen-pal days... I wanted to be a mail lady because I thought then I could get my mail first thing instead of having to wait until the afternoon when the mail was delivered.

9) I would love to go on some lovely mountain retreat with me myself and I. Except I think I'd be scared to be all by myself in a cabin way out in the woods. But it's such a novel idea! I could have a whole weekend to myself. Just to sit and read, sit and stare at the mountainous beauty. Meander through woodland trails. Sunbathe by a mountain lake. Swing lazily in a hammock. Doesn't it sound just heavenly?

10) I can dream up a beautiful picture to draw, but when my pencil goes to draw it, it somehow doesn't look the same as I pictured it!

11) Just one more... I'd love to write more stories in my lifetime. And someday I'd like to record a CD.

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  1. I like this, Sarah -- it's good to get it all out in writing, isn't it? Self-discovery. :)