Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting There

Things are starting to feel much more manageable again. Must be because I am getting back in "sinc" after our 10 day absence.
I have a 6 week menu planned out on the calendar and took a shopping trip today to Sam's Club with the help of my mother in law to get many of the items on my list. I am resolutely trying to get to a once a month shopping day. And 6 weeks would be even better, though I doubt we could make it that long without some kind of a trip to the store! I still need to make a run to Walmart for a few other things. Other than that, I am set for a long while. It feels good.
Tonight's supper of Chili is slow cooking in the crockpot and I will mix up the cornbread a bit later.
Another addition to my calendar is a planned date night. Twice a month preferable. Though one of those nights may be "in" and one may be "out." So, the 26th we go OUT. I am excited. Was hoping to go jetskiing on the lake, but they are dropping the levels of the lake here so drastically that I think it would be dangerous. I may have to wait until next summer. Unless we can find a deep area in the lake. Certainly don't want to risk anything. Maybe we'll go biking instead. Sounds like fun.
Yard sale date has been planned-August 28, 29 and 31. Wish me luck! I've never pulled off a yard sale before! Should be interesting....
Hannah is getting back to normal after our vacation and all the lack of sleep. She is so much better. Not much whining, happier, etc... Isn't it amazing what a difference sleep makes?
Well, I am off of here for now, but, yeah. Things are going well for me here at the home front. Not so well for Mike, he's out in the blistering heat tearing a tar roof off of one of his rentals. Poor Mike!

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