Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Home!

Mike, trying out a Kyak
Just lounging at the pool
Splishy splashy
Boat ride-Nate's sound asleep
More pool time!
My parents, brother and the kids
Strawberry "poppy" anyone?
Family Photo
Hannah, Amarys and Haliegh
Jet Ski here we go!

Arrived home last evening from a 10 day trip out to Missouri for a family reunion! Had a blast while away, and yet glad to be home just the same. Wow. What a trip this was. Hannah did great. However, towards the end, she just wanted to go home. She did terrific sleeping in a large bed, instead of her crib, for which I was glad! She loved the pool where we were staying and we frequented it very often. Nathan took everything and everyone in stride. What an easy baby. It was fun to have Hannah meet several of her girl cousins. She had fun getting to know them just a little bit. We took a boat out for a couple of hours one day and enjoyed the lake.

Hannah loved having Nana and Papa (my parents) close by and I know they loved it as well. I have LOTS of pics from the trip, here are just a few. I'll add more as I get a chance...

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  1. Those are some great photos! I'm glad you had such a wonderful vacation, but nothing like home sweet home huh...LOL. Take Care!