Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Sabbath Again and...

This week I've been purusing the book "Oh No! It's Sabbath Again...And I'm Not Ready" By Yara Young. There is much to be said about this book! My word. I think it has more overwhelmed me than anything. Young certainly has it together. Her #1 goal is to be ready for Sabbath by Friday a.m. A worthy ambition, wouldn't you say? She is the mother of a 7 yr. old and 5 yr. old twins. Every day she has a different task for the morning that works towards meeting her goal of being ready for the Sabbath. And she follows the concept of having the house all picked up each evening before bed so that the following morning, the only things in dissary are the beds you have slept in. The table is already set for breakfast because she knows in advance what they are having to eat that morning. I'm tellin' ya, this book was really something.
Her children know that Sabbath is almost here because they smell Lysol drifting through the house (their mom has just cleaned the bathrooms) Also, Friday a.m. their beds get new sheets and a special Sabbath bedspread that comes off the bed promptly on Sunday morning. The children have special toys saved especially for Sabbath, and every Friday evening they have soup and popcorn for supper. Guests can drop in at any moment because everything is in readiness. What a dream!! *grin*
Anyways, I definitely DID glean alot of insights and tidbits of things to implement into my routine. She actually did have alot of great things to say. However, I can't say as I'd take the book as a whole, seeing as I think I'd go crazy by Friday morning! haha!
Now, what I did notice in this book was that there were alot of holes in her plan. When do you vacuum? How about make Sabbath lunch? What about empty trash? And, if you clean the fridge thoroughly on Monday, isn't it bound to be a disaster by Friday? What about Mopping on Wednesday, won't your floors be a mess again by Friday? Anyways.... it was thought pervoking. =)


  1. Hey don't worry I can't remember if I've ever had a Sabbath where I was ready by Friday morning for! (and I don't have kids!) Hey I started a blog! =) Do you know how I can add 'blog friends'?

  2. Hey Sarah, I enjoyed checking out your blog! You'll have to visit mine as well! ;-) I think we think in common.... Smile!