Friday, August 15, 2008

Where do I Start?

There's so much in my life that needs doing. I am working at it. Little by little. But sometimes it all seems so overwhelming. We've gotten the garden weeded out. There's still the large flower bed that is going to be something else to pull up, but other than that, the garden looks great! I want to get some fall plants in soon. They come in the 21st. So will have to wait until then for that.
My biggest hurdle at this point is pulling things together for a yard sale. It's going to be a big one because we are combining our stuff with my mother in laws stuff to make the sale bigger. It ought to be monumental to get everything priced, but I know we can pull it off! Once that's behind me I can more easily focus on other things. In contemplating what to sell for this sale I have often had the thought, where do I start?! Why do I have 5 pairs of pajama pants? Do I really need that many? In striving to de-clutter my life does the amount of pajama pants really matter? LOL! That sounds so funny! But really, if I have 5 pairs, I have to wash 5 pairs, fold 5 pairs and find room in my drawer for 5 pairs. If I had 2, that makes 3 less pairs to have to deal with. HAHA! I am crazy, I know. But if you just had the sort of day I had dealing with post vacation kid struggles, you'd be crazy too.
I've also been looking for ways to cut household expenses. Up to this point we've been having our water delivered since we were unsure of our well water. I decided to use a little of my saved money and get a water purification system to purify our own well water. It didn't cost much, just 40 dollars and It will pay itself off with just one month of use. So there you go. It will cost only 60.00 a year for filters for it versus whatever it is we're spending on water each year which is way more than that. So.... hey! I'm trying all avenues of cutting down.
This weekend I am going to try and get some more menus planned. this helps SO much in cost cutting. PLUS, I get the added benefit of not having to try and figure out what to eat every day. It's all planned out for me on the menu, and, I am using the food I have stored, rather than going out for more. This is also great because I can use creativity when planning the menus and avoid last minute rushes of... SPAGHETTI! haha!
Well, lots more in the mind processing, but I'm off of here for tonight.
Have a great Sabbath y'all!

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