Sunday, September 14, 2008


We decided to go apple picking this morning! In my minds eye I see a pristine farm setting with a lovely orchard sprawled out across many rolling acres.... This is what I saw instead: A very kind old man came out and showed us where to go to pick. We drove down a long gravel road and emerged to an orchard with lovely mountains views, songbirds and a meadow full of apple trees. Really quite nice! We ended up picking 4 bushels of apples! 3 bushels of Golden Delicious and 1 of Galas. They are soooo tasty and sweet! I'm delighted with the find as it turns out!

Our Pastor and his family also joined us picking and they got 5 bushels! Happy Applesauce making!

Happy fall y'all!


  1. So fun! Your daughter is precious and that looks like a lot of yummy apples!

  2. they are truly delicious!! Can't wait to taste the sauce!

  3. Dan keeps mentioning that we need to go pick apples soon! I love homemade apple sauce and apple pie, and your pies look DELICIOUS!

  4. What great photos!!! Looks like your family had a blast of fun!