Friday, September 5, 2008

Potty Daze and Big Girl Beds

Yep, you got it right, my little girl is growing up. I am now rushing little legs towards the bathroom at the hurried plea of my little girl -"potty mommy! HURRY!" And hurry we do. I honestly haven't made a whole hearted effort in potty training Hannah. She has decided to make these potty runs on her own. Imagine that. I typically have some sort of protection on her-(ie: pull-ups or insulated undies) At any rate, I am growing weary of dropping everything and running. Let me tell you, this girl can go! Like... a zillion times a day! Haha! You're laughing! Well, don't laugh too soon. Your little one may be next! hehe!

On to the Big girl bed. Yeah. Hannah has also decided she doesn't want to sleep in her crib any longer. After several nights and naptimes of incessant crying from Hannah and persistant praying on my part, I came to the conclusion that she didn't like her crib anymore and was ready for the big bed. On our vacation she had slept in a big bed and did really well in it. Never getting off until I came to get her. So... we slipped the double mattress off the guest bed and slid it in to her room. She loves it! No more crying before nap and bedtime. Thank you Jesus!

Hannah's vocabulary has exploded as well as her imagination. This girl can really play now! it's so much fun to watch her...


  1. I have another friend who is potty-training her little boy. What fun!! We get to hear all the horror stories and wait our turn. :)

  2. I have almost completely potty trained Fnata. An accident here and there and some nights wakes up dry. I took her directly from diapers to underwear for "big girls". It took two weeks of my time and the accidents were almost gone. When we go out I put a diaper overtop of the underweare and have only had a few accidents. We even took a vacation to Montana with camping and she stayed potty trained! Good Luck