Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wouldn't it be nice....

...If both my children would consistently take naps at the same time? I wouldn't know what to do with myself if they did!
Today as Nathan took a brief nap and Hannah ate her lunch I cleaned the kitchen up, yet again. Yes, another round of dishes, clean and dirty. They never end. Nor does the laundry. Haha! Both are continuous. Anyways, back to the cleaning the kitchen while Hannah eats and Nate naps... I glanced over at Hannah halfway through her lunch and am appalled at the glorious mess she has created. There is food everywhere! And I repeat... EVERYWHERE! "So this is what it looks like when my not yet 2 yr. old eats with no supervision" I think to myself! Oh well. I'm in cleaning mode anyhow, right? I set Hannah over to play with a now awake Nathan and set to work. 10 minutes later I think I can catch a glimpse of the table top and the now dull tile flooring. *grin* Life with kids is never dull!
The yard sale prep. is going well! I have everything out and priced now! Yay! I hope the sale goes well. We shall see! Thursday and Friday are the days. Yes, a bit later than I had before planned, but that's O.K. It is getting done!
Tomorrow I have to go to the church and be audited as last year's school treasurer. Ugh. I really am not looking forward to that. But I guess I might as well go and face the music sooner than later. Not that I did a bad job or anything! LOL! Last year they hardly found an error. This year... I know of 2 errors for sure. However, they have been fixed and notably so! Just... oh... Oh well! *throws hands up in exasperation.*
On to a brighter note. I am really enjoying being a member of the Great Controversy Readathon over on Facebook. What a great chance to read through this book again! Thanks Laura for mentioning this in your blog, else I would have never known about it!
It has been a month since I have gone grocery shopping. The only thing I have had to buy is some milk. That's it. I still have a whole jug of laundry soap left and I haven't started on the new bottle of contact solution, and I have plenty of toothpaste left as well-thanks to Sam's Club and their gigantic packages of everything. Haha! I am beginning to run low on several items and I have started a list for this month. Salt is the first item listed. Man it's been a long time since I bought salt! This month's bill ought to be lower than last months since I have so much left of things. I may not have to buy toilet paper either. I'm not sure yet. Got to check and see how we're doing in that department. So... I must say, so far, so good!
At any rate, You know what? I think it happened! i think both of my children are asleep at the same time! WOW!! What should I do now?!


  1. What a mess kids can make when they're eating, eh? Peter does the same. I try to give him foods that won't make such a huge mess, but even so.

  2. I loved your blog! I see what I have to look forward to...LOL.
    God bless you! *hugs*