Friday, October 10, 2008

Crisp Fall Apples and Pumpkin Pie

Last evening we went and picked a few more apples explicitly for the pleasure of eating. No canning involved. Just crispy sweet "yuminess" I think these apples may even be tastier than the ones we picked a few weeks ago! They are soooo good!

Today I made 2 pumpkin pies. Yum yum! Lesson learned: Don't involve a 2 year old in the making of a pie crust. Disaster may/will occur! Man! I had to pry her sticky little fingers away from that raw pie dough so many times I lost count. She just wanted to eat it! What a crazy little muffin she is. Anyways, it was something to behold. Every time I got the crust fluted, she'd grab a hunk of it right out of the pie pan! LOL! I finally got it made and the pie filling safely into the pies. I think they turned out pretty nicely myself!

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  1. It's an amazing-looking product for such a difficult experience! Yum!