Saturday, October 4, 2008

End of Summer Nostalgia

(Hannah made a collage of the things that Jesus made for us to enjoy this Sabbath morning. The kids and I still aren't quite up to par, I didn't want to spread the sickness, so I had Sabbath School at home today with Hannah.)

Summer has ended and fall is upon us. Behind us is the sweltering heat, the days spent at the water's edge, eating drippy Popsicles, running through water sprinklers, gardening and yes, even all the canning is through. Vacation time has come to an end and everyone is back to the "grind" before Winter's holiday festivities are here once again. It was a good summer. I enjoyed being a family of 4. It had its limits with a newborn, but it was still fun and one can always look forward to the next summer being even neater as the children grow bigger. I am looking forward to more time spent on the lake in the boat or on the jet ski's. Summer picnics are a thing of the past, but we have many a nice day ahead, perfect for a fall picnic! I am looking forward to some bike rides through fall foliage on a trail with my hubby. The leaves are beginning to turn their autumn colors and soon they will be falling, much to the delight of Hannah who I am sure will have even more fun in them than last year. I am also looking forward to a visit to the local Pumpkin Patch and corn maze, a sip of hot apple cider and a fall bonfire all crisp and chilly under a bright full moon. Yeah, fall is a pretty great time of the year too.... In fact, it's all good. God sure is an awesome God.
Here are a few pictures of the "treasures" that are in my life:
Mike and I sharing a wacky moment-yeah, we're pretty goofy sometimes. You have to be to get by in life. haha!

My little Nate-man-4 months old

Sweet Hannah, displaying the treasures that Jesus made


  1. It's true, so much fun in the past, but still so much fun for the future. God is good.

  2. Thanks for leaving such sweet words on my blog. The "meowie" comment made me smile!

  3. And your little Hannah is very talented, she found some gorgeous fall items! Sigh...I looove Autumn!