Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Naptime Dramas

Nap time. Ah.... the word conjures up peaceful tranquility and solitude. Doesn't it? Or, isn't it supposed to anyways? For the past several weeks, nap time at my house has been anything of the sort. On most days lately, Hannah fights nap time with avengence. She cries and protests and kicks and fights it. All the drama is really getting old. It used to be so easy to put her down for her nap. She just went to sleep! Now I hear her wails drifting from her doorway...

What makes matters worse is two sleepy children at the same time. Nathan is also crying. What is one mother supposed to do? Who is she to see to first? Today I picked Nathan up and held him close, he was close to drifting off so I laid him back down, I just wanted to hold him and feel him drift off to sleep in my arms... I looked into his eyes and pleaded with him to understand that I needed to see to his sister who was now wailing uncontrollably in the other room. I went in to Hannah and entered in upon her red and tear stained face, picked her up and cradled that big girl of nearly 2 in my arms and "shushed" her and rocked her back and forth. after just a few moments she drifted off in to the land of peaceful slumber and I laid her onto her bed. I thought to myself-hey, how much longer will I be able to do that anyways? How much longer will I be able to hold Hannah in my arms like that and have her fall asleep. It's not very often at all these days... Soon she'll be all grown up and I guess it's just moments like these that I can lock into memory's storehouse and return to in later years as she journeys through her adult life and leaves the house to begin her own life someday. (sigh)

I returned back to Nathan to find him snoring softly. Such a sweetie. Ah, yes... this is what nap time is all about. Peace, quiet and solitude.

(disclaimer: both children don't too often sleep for very long intervals at the same time. Today us my lucky day! Typically, I am up and at it with one or the other. It can make for a tiring, but mostly rewarding day!)

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  1. I am so glad you are seeing the positive and the joy in it all! :) It is a wonderful feeling to rock a babe to sleep. But what a challenge when you have two crying children. I don't envy you!