Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nathan's Progress

Nathan actually has a tooth!!! It popped through today! It's the bottom lower one. I am SHOCKED. A 4 month old with a tooth?! Actually, he's a week shy of being 4 months, by, you know... close enough. Anyways, I am completely amazed. Hannah took half of forever to start getting teeth and she still doesn't have them all in. Though she's working on 4 eye teeth right now and having a real time of it.
Nathan has been scooting his legs underneath of himself and pushing himself along! Wow. This kid is something! I am really amazed at how different both he and Hannah have been at all the different stages in life thus far. Nathan has really done things alot quicker in many areas. But most of it I can see has to do with personality. Really quite interesting and oh so much fun.

Yeah! He's standing up!! LOL!


  1. These are great pictures of Nate, but the naked first one is my absolute favorite! What a cutie!!

  2. LOL. Isn''t it hilarious?! Such a smilie face he is. I am so glad he;s a happy one. :)

  3. Your Mother has really enjoyed seeing these pics of her absolutely gorgeous grandbabies! I love reading the stories about them! You are doing a fabulous job of keeping up with it all!
    Yer Momma!

  4. So adorable! I can't wait to meet Nate sometime!! =)

    Love, Heather