Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shopping Fling

Tuesday I'd about had it with everything so I threw up my hands and went shopping. I took my mother in law with me and we went in search of a cake pan for Hannah's upcoming birthday. We ended up with a heart shaped one since there were no kitty shapes to be found and settled on little edible flowers and bees to decorate it with and a few other gadgets. I also found Hannah's present... more on that later. :) Anyways, since a discount clothing shop was just next door to Hobby Lobby we went in and I found an outfit within just several minutes. All in the right sizes. I was completely thrilled!!! I wore the whole ensemble today for church and was very pleased. It felt so nice to don a new outfit that feels so good on. :) Here's a picture and don't go thinking I am vain because I'm not. I'm just like any girl-I like to feel pretty at least once in a while! ;) (The skirt is a dark brown corderoy. It sort of looks black in the picture, so I just wanted to clarify)


  1. OOh, that is nice! Doesn't it feel great to get new clothes after losing preggo weight? Congrats! You're looking great! :)

  2. You look very sweet! I absolutely love the boots...I don't like winter much but I love that I can wear my cute boots. :)

  3. Nice looking outfit, Sarah! Did you find the boots there also?
    Great style!
    Luv,mom & dad