Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tackle- it Tuesday

So I have devised a new plan.... every Tuesday I will Tackle something bigger and extra that I never seem to get around to. I am going to post a list of these things to the side of my blog and whenever I oomplete a project I will delete it from the list. This weeks Tackle was the garage. It looks fabulous now!! i am SO pleased. We put shelving up and threw things out and swept and... well, cleaned! Now I need to defrost the deep freeze...
Today,Wednesday-Friday we are garage saling again. For the last time. I am so ready to be through with it. But it sure is a nice little extra $$ I am enjoying that! I think this time I am going to put the money towards more organization things for the house. The last time I put the money towards a new bedspread for our Master Bedroom. Fun!
Still dealing with sickness... and it's not fun.
Well, I am off to deal with life. Wish me luck! *Grin*

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