Friday, October 31, 2008


I've been wanting to transition Nathan over to his own room. Last night, Mike and I moved his crib and changing table to the room that is to be his. Nathan was tired and hungry so I fixed his bottle and we proceeded to the semi darkened "new" room to feed him. He would have none of it. I tell you he KNEW something was going on and he was to be left in that room all by himself and he did NOT like it one iota. No WAY was he going to sleep in that room all by himself. I was used to Hannah and her simple, no fuss transition. There was nothing to it! This little guy knew what was happening. He's a cozy sort of fellow and likes to be cuddled and loved. He was smart enough to know we were putting him in his own room and he pitched quite a fit. Guess we'll have to take it in smaller steps with this little guy...

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