Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What to say....

It's been a while since I've blogged. Not too much to say. More playing in the leaves, making bread, granola and whatever else that comes along. Right now I am just happy that my little chatterbox is in bed for her nap!! I think that girl could chatter non stop 24 hr. a day!
Last night found me watching 17 Kids and Counting on TLC. A very fascinating show. I don't know how they do it... Too many kids for me. Haha!
I have begun planning Hannah's 2nd birthday coming up on the 7th. I am going to make a kitty-cat shaped cake. A carrot cake to be exact. With cream cheese frosting and raisins for eyes and a pineapple chunk for the nose and black frosting for whiskers.... She informed me she wants "Toni and beanies and ollies" for lunch on her birthday (that being interpreted is: Macaroni, greenbeans and olives) so, I guess i have the menu planned. LOL! She's a hoot that's for sure.
Nate has been rolling over to his tummy allllll the time now. he even woke up this morning on his tummy. When he's in play mode on his tummy he kicks and scoots himself along. The teething seems to have setteled down a bit to a more comfortable speed and he is sleeping well again...
I don't know what else to say, so I think I'm going to sign off and go do some reading.

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  1. "Toni and beanies and ollies"...sigh...I LOVE baby talk!