Thursday, November 20, 2008

Colds, Books and Progress (?)

The past few days have been filled with the Sickness Misery's by the 3 weaker of the household. So, we haven't been having too much fun worth writing about. (I don't count being up all night with babies who can't breath due to stuffed up noses worth writing about). We've again broken out the Humidifiers and the Vicks-Bless that stuff for it's everlasting goodness. We have been having lovely whining sessions and crying sessions and hold-me sessions. But, it's getting better! Hurrah! I love it when we're all healthy! Or, more correctly put, I am extremely THANKFUL. Yes, Thankful. We are in the season for Thankfulness, right? :)

I went up the the Library for a brief moment this afternoon. Kids both napping. Hubby decided to come in for a bite to eat, so I scurried as fast as I could scurry. I wanted to get Bk. 5 in the Anne of Green Gables series. Book 4 just didn't whet my appetite, so, I brought it back only half read. Shame on me, I know. But, try and read it. It just takes an everlastingly long time to get through and doesn't perk my interest the way a book should. So, back to the shelf it went. (and I don't feel the least bit remorseful about it either, I might add!) Bk. 5 looks just delicious. I want to devour it all. Immediately if not sooner. Ha! So much for that. I read when I get the chance to read. Which isn't often (so why then did I get both book 5 AND book 6?! Hmm... guess I got carried away with my morsel of out and about freedom.)

Progress... I am deciding that I need to teach Hannah that No means No and being Happy means being happy. Not crying. And if she wants to continue to cry, then she may. But not in my presence. She can go to her bed and cry. Or on the back porch. But, if there's no reason to cry, why cry?! Of course, I'll stand for a good reason! But one doesn't need to cry and whine over being told to sit in her chair, or being told to wait for a minute for something. Right? Am I right?! (Amens heard from the balcony) Anyways.... we're progressing towards this goal. One little step and one little/big battle at a time.

On a brighter note! I found that my energy level has GREATLY increased by simply beginning to take Vitamin B Stress (or was it energy? anyways, it gives me energy. LOL) I think this is Front page worthy! I have been so draggy for so long. (Is draggy a word?) I got all my laundry folded and put away, my kitchen is clean and so is the living room and.... and that is GOOD! Yeah. I'm feeling good about that. Ok. I hear Nathan waking up. Gotta run. Been fun! :)

Oh, and by the way, the above photo is merely for your amusement. Has nothing to do with the previously written script. (If you were trying to figure out the correlation.)


  1. Funny, another friend of mine ( just posted something similar about liking some of the Anne books more than others (see her post called "Reading Now").

    So glad you're all feeling better and especially for the added energy. That must be real nice! :)

  2. that's funny... I hope she doesn't mind, but I've been secretly reading her blog for months now. I have fallen in love with it. LOL! She is a "kindred spirit" as Anne would say. hehe. I was reading this set before she brought it up, and as I was reading Windy Poplars I was thinking to myself... this book isn't doing it for me. And then I read her post and had to laugh when she said the same thing. :) I tried revealing myself on her blog, but it didn't post for me. Oh well, maybe another time?

  3. I started taking B vitamins too and I noticed the same thing!! It's great!!