Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fishy Fishy

Today I took the kids and went to the Aquarium! WOW. What a venture this was for me. The Aquarium is an hour away to start with, and then, it was a rainy day besides. But we ventured out despite the weather... We were planning on meeting a friend and her little girl (Tori), but they didn't end up making it until we were pretty much done. It was too bad! But Tori had decided to be a sleep head this morning. (compliments of a late night before) You never know with kidlets, right? :)

At any rate, Hannah and Nathan behaved just beautifully. I was so thankful! Nathan was happy and contented in the front pack, and Hannah was sweet and cheerful in her little monkey backpack harness so that I could keep a tight hold on her. She did super well! Loved seeing the fish and I was so glad. We stopped at the little place to eat inside the Aquarium and surprise surprise, they served Veggie burgers! Who would have thought?! Very cool. So, we filled our tummy's and proceeded on our way...

Anyways, I did it! I took two little kids on an outing all by myself. And it went well! YAY! I am so happy. :)

And, we got to see the caretakers feed the sharks! So neat!


  1. I'm so glad you had a good experience!! I'm sure you're exhausted from a day out, but GOOD JOB! I'm glad you had a system figured out (frontpack, backpack) -- next time I'll be smarter. :)

  2. I looove the aquarium!!! Did you get to pet the stingrays? When we were there one of the little girls tried to pet one and it came up out of the water and got her all soaked and her mother had to take her crying to the bathroom...i felt so bad for her.