Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last Day of November 2008

Can you believe another month has sailed by? December is upon us! Christmas is almost here and so is 2009. Wow.
I have lots to do in this coming month.
Today I made a little chart with a few items that I want to make sure and remember to do each day. Such as: Brush Hannah's Teeth. It's so hard to remember to do this every day and I want to be sure and do it. So, I have a chart with all the days of the week and I can check each day that I have accomplished the certain item. Another thing on the chart is Water Intake for each of the children as well as myself. I'll place a check mark each time we drink a glass of water. Baths-when was Nathan last bathed? (or Hannah) I want to remember, so, I'll be checking it off as well. Worship each day with the kids. Got to make sure and do that. A check list will be a simple reminder and prompter. Just a few things, but important in my day.

Another thing I am working on is writing out some New Year's Resolutions. I want to have them in place before the New Year begins.
I recently started a Journal of Thoughts, Ideas, Goals and Lists. I am really enjoying it as I love to write things down and then check them off when they are accomplished. It gives me a little thrill. haha!
I want to decorate the house for Christmas this week! All but the tree... It'd also be nice to string some lights up outside! Perhaps one of the drier days this week we'll do that.
Hannah enjoyed doing her last Turkey craft and so I'd like to begin doing more crafts with her. is a great website for crafts and coloring pages. Love it. I found a few wintery crafts and colors for her to work on this week and got them printed out.
Anyways, I guess this blog post is a little of this and a little of that, but that's ok once in a while I suppose. Wishing you all a good day! Bye bye November and Hello December!


  1. I like your ideas -- I have a lot of the same things that I need to work on. :)

  2. You are soooo ambitious these days! I don't know that I could hope to ever be so successfully organized, ambitious, and creative as your blogs sound like. But at least I can be inspired reading about it. :}