Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

As I puruse other mommy's blogs from time to time, I pick up on the same overall feeling from most of the mommy's out there. It's a feeling of being tired of the same ole same ole. Tired of having the same household chores lined up to do every single day of our lives. I feel it too. Believe me. There are so many things I'd like to get to. And do I get to them? Not nearly as often as I'd like to. This past week and even last week I have felt so utterly behind that I feel all hopelessness of ever "catching up". I empty the dishwasher, load it back up, and I still have a load sitting in the sink ready to go in when that load is finished. I wash and wash and wash the clothes to "catch up" and then find there are more clothes waiting to be washed before the day is even through! I organize only to find a week later that my organizing has been "unorganized." The dust keeps coming back to occupy the same spaces and I vacuum, only to find the floor needs revaccuming by the next day! Alas.... I don't believe I will, in actuality, ever "catch up" because this endless round is just that! An endless round.
When will I find time to work on Nathan's scrapbook? Or when will I get the time to work on my neglected flower beds? Will I be able to keep up with the weeds in the garden next spring? Or how about the watering that was so few and far between on my poor flowers that it's a wonder they lived through the summers heat? How about those auctions I need to post on ebay? When will I get to hanging up the frames I have filled? Or when on earth will I ever defrost the deep freeze?!? There are so many things I'd like to do, and not enough moments in the day. What can I say? "We're in this thing together! You and me"
Sometimes I feel like I'm running in circles. Literally. I am in the midst of taking dirty dishes to the sink from the table when Hannah suddenly needs to use the potty. *drop everything* Then while attending to Hannah's needs, Nathan begins to fuss and is evidentally hungry. *Feed Nathan* Let's see.... where were we? Oh yeah! The dirty dishes. Then in the midst of that, Hannah wants her baby doll changed, and then the dryer stops and it's time to switch the laundry around and then.... oh no! Hannah just spilled her drink all over the floor! *clean that up* Ok. Everything's under control. Oh, wait! The table is still messy from breakfast!
Ha! This looks really comical in type. So, we live and learn, we do a little of this, and a little of that and overall, we make it through the day. The house may not always be the way we dreamed. The organization may have to wait til a happier, easier day. But, somehow, if we can manage to keep cheerful through the ups and downs of the day, we'll make it through. Somehow. And, someday, our kids will be old enough to help a little more, rather than mess much more. SMILE!


  1. YES. You said it, sister. I'm going to be dishing out responsibilities right and left when they are old enough. =D

  2. Man oh is the never-ending job thats for sure! Praying for ya! It seems bad enough for me working for fulltime and trying to keep up with the housework. I totally think you moms are amazing!

  3. Well said! But you also forget that as they grow to bear more responsibility and make less messes, then homeschooling begins in earnest. Teaching is a full-time job in itself that lots of people do for a living, never mind adding it onto the stack of full-time jobs you already carry! But oh the joys. Teaching is my first love anyway so can't wait. Guess the freezer will have to wait a few more years . . . and the scrapbooking is on hold indefinitely, etc.