Friday, November 21, 2008

Tackle it Whenever!

I felt inspired today and tackeled my closet! YAY! I am so happy with the results! Here are some before and after shots. *grin*Notice the terrible clutter and messiness. Shame on me!Now look at it!It's so neat and clean!
I took all our summer clothes and put them to the back of the closet. Hung up clothes that were previously in a rubbermaid and had a huge garbage sack full to throw away! I feel great. Not only is my closet clean, but I also got the whole house cleaned, laundry done and put away and the dishes all caught up. I am HAPPY!


  1. Looks lovely!! When we get a house, that is what I plan on doing as I unpack. Course, I will be doing that while packing as well. It's so nice to have that clean and orderly house feeling.

  2. Wow, you are really on a roll with all that housework. Good job! :)

  3. Yes, it feels good to have order for once. But if you think your "before" photo is messy, you ain't seen nothin yet. But oh well, I didn't think to take any "before" photos here so can't prove my point. :Q