Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Aftermath

Friday afternoon we just "chilled". The kids played with their new toys and Mike and I cleaned up the house a bit and mostly just relaxed and enjoyed each other and the beautiful day outside. After the children woke from their naps we decided to take them out on a walk out in our field, up to the top of the hill for a view of the mountains. Since it had rained the night before it was slightly muddy here and there and so we put Hannah in the backpack (or the pack-pack as she calls it) She rode on Mike's back and Nathan rode on my front. We had a great hike up to the top and were rewarded with great mountain views! It was really quite invigorating! There was a neat view of our house and barns too which was cool.
After our walk we decided to order some pizza from the new Pizza shop in town that features Brick oven baked pizza! Sounded yummy to me! We looked over their menu and decided on a Greek Pizza. Complete with Kalamata Olives, Tomatoes, Feta and spinach. while we waited for it to be finished we crossed the bridge and drove over to the lake and watched the sun die in the west. It was just so pretty.... A great ending to the day.

(by the way.... the pizza was INCREDIBLE. Though the olives shocked both Mike and hannah, since they were thinking they tasted like any other olive they had had. HAHA!! I thought they were great, myself!) We ended the day completely by reading the Christmas Story from Luke 2 and drifted off to slumber land where mornings come awful early these days....

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