Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun Times Today

This morning I picked up some books from the library on my way home from picking up some formula for Nathan. While Nathan was napping, Hannah and I curled up on my bed and we read all kinds of "Christmasy" books. Including "The Night Before Christmas." Remember that story from way back when you were a kid? I remember sitting on my grandpa's lap while he read that story to me and my cousin back when I was probably Hannah's age! Anyways, we had an enjoyable reading time together and Hannah was a happy girl.

Afterwards we made paper snowflakes. Remember doing that?! (oh so long ago...) I had fun cutting out the shapes and Hannah had the joy of opening them up and discovering what they looked like! Afterwards we hung them on the living room door. (Isn't it gloomy looking outside?)

It's fun making memories together with our children. I know I sure enjoy doing the simple things with Hannah. They mean so much to her and I have the pleasure of seeing her happiness.

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  1. Now I want to make snowflakes and read Christmas stories!