Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been meaning to post something regarding this topic for some time now. Hannah is potty trained!! She's completely day trained with the exception of naptime. So, only 2 diapers a day now! Naptime and Nightime.
When she hit 2 yrs. (Nov. 7) it was like a light went on. She had been training off and on since 18 months, but once she got to 2. Something happened! Her bladder is able to hold more perhaps? Maybe the muscle is more developed.... Anyways, she is trained. I am so proud of her success! She won't even go in a pull-up anymore if she's awake. When we're out and about and she needs to go, I pull off somewhere and I put her on her little portable potty chair and voila! Of course, it's all fun and new to her, so at church, she's just so excited to use the Church potty that sometimes she says she has to go when in reality she doesn't-just so she can go into a new bathroom I think. We're working on that one. The other night we went out to eat and she had to "go potty" like.... 4 times or something like that. And, 4 times I walked passed the same people on my trek to the bathroom. LOL! It was slightly embarressing. The people all began smiling at me as I would plod passed them yet another time with a toddler in hand. Haha!
So, there you have it. Success with child number 1 at age 2. Yay! (I wonder how it will be with Nathan?!!)

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