Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Adventure

Today was really quite something. We decided that we really ought to DO something. You know, other than sit around the house WONDERING what we should do. (I'm sure you all know how that works, though we've decided we must be the deadest of dead beats) Anyways, after starting the incredible mountain of laundry that has accumulated since Wednesday (complete with a soaking wet bed-thanks to my forgetting to put a diaper on Hannah last night!! Joy joy) We decided to go to the Aquarium of the Smokies. We have season passes there, so we decided it really wouldn't cost us much of anything to go do. So off we went. Halfway into our journey (takes an hr.) Mike discovered he hadn't brought his cell phone OR his WALLET. Yikes. And, I hadn't brought mine either. Well, my purse that is. I had brought my phone and my Pass card into the aquarium... So, we were in a dilemma. Did we have enough change in the car to pay for parking AND for something to eat? I hadn't brought anything other than cheerios since I figured we'd get something or other while out and about. I called the aquarium and found we could get Mike in at guest services, so that was taken care of. Now we had the hunger issue to cover. I began counting change. I came up with 11.00 So, we ordered 6 bean burritoes and went on our merry way. Had a jolly time hopping over and through mobs of people at the aquarium and then began our journey home, when from the back seat I begin hearing hannah chirp " hannah, ite-cone. Hannah, Ite-cone" Hmm.... what could she want?! Any guesses? Yep. An icecream cone. HAHAHA! It ended up that, after scrounging a bit more and counting up the change that I had left, we were able to get three icecream cones! Hannah was happy and sat back in her carseat licking and dripping. And... she was blessedly QUIET. I was so tired from the noise. She's not a very great car traveler. She's always wanting something new to play with or look at, or to move around, or to go potty, or to get out. It's crazy. Anyways, we made it home, tired but happy and put the kiddos to BED. I then decided it had been such a long time since I blogged that here I am. You all better be happy! This was an awful lot of blogging!! And... wonder of wonders, I hear kids beginning to stir.

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