Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Christmas! Pt. 1

On Christmas eve I cheerily hollered out - "How about taking a drive to look at the Christmas lights!" Hannah immediately piped up "See Christ-as lights, mommy!" Mike agreed it was a good plan so as soon as we finished our supper- a big tasty "Meat-"ball Sub sandwhich we set out on our adventure. We saw some really neat lights out there, this particular one lit up in cadence with some christmas music! it was really cool! but then... it began to rain. No, not rain, pour! An absolute deluge! It was unbelieveable! The temperature dropped from 65* down to 55 within 5 minutes. We decided we should head home, and this we did. Mike and I got the kids down to bed and then we setteled in to watch a Christmas movie on Hallmark.

Christmas morning arrived a bit early for my liking. The kids decided to be real early risers. Why I do not know! Must be the excitement in the air. So, we opened up a few presents for the kids that I had gotten and wrapped for them the day before.
Mike and I began cooking for Christmas dinner first thing. Well, actually, we sorta began the night before! Mike and really cooked up an intense plan for dinner in his mind. We had planned the menu all out using mostly ideas from the Taste of Home magazine. (Uh-oh! Not a good idea! Too many good looking recipes in there!) We planned way too many complicated recipes and really had trouble getting them all made. However, somehow, we were going to get them all made! Ha! We're crazy. Way crazy. But, wow. The food sure tasted good. Some of the things we made were Stuffed Red Potatoes, Herbed Carrots, Spicy Southwest Eggrolls with a cool Avacado Dip, Smoky Style "Deviled" Eggs, Chick'n Artichoke Bake, Vegetarian Meatballs in a homemade sweet and sour sauce, pumpkin cheesecake, Lucious Lemon filled Cake and much more. It was really all quite something and way too much. We had fun for the first while of cooking, but by the time it was all through.... we were whipped. We're definitely NOT doing that much again. I think we got in way over our heads. (like we typically seem to do.... lol)
Anyways, we had a nice dinner with family from both sides and had a good time overall.

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