Sunday, January 11, 2009


I decided I really ought to record some of the funny things that Hannah is saying these days. She literally cracks me up sometimes with the things she comes up with to say! And of course the little toddler'ish' ways of pronouncing things make it even more cute. :) Here's a few that I recall at the moment:
"Ho-danna Son King Davey!" (she chants this while waving her arms around)

"Tip-top" tip top" (that's clip-clop, clip clop (went small donkey's hooves)

"Ridin' Camel, Camel, Camel" (this was taken from a S.S. song about riding on the camel to see baby Jesus. She'll sit atop ANYTHING and sing this song-such as the arm of the couch)

One that was really cute was when Hannah would look at one of the Christmas ornaments we had on our tree-it was of baby Jesus in the manger and it had a star over his head. She was convinced that was baby Moses in his basket boat and the star was the "Bute-iful star of Betleehem"

Another funny was when I asked Hannah who she thought Santa Clause was. She replied with "he's a sad man who sits on my lap and sings happy songs and cries"

Hannah gets so excited when Nathan wakes up and she hears him over the moniter she starts hollering out- "Hannah come get-choo! And then, as she enters Nathan's room-"HI Stinky Butt!" "tee-hee-hee!"
(oh boy! )

Her latest hilarity is coming up to somebody, grabbing their ears with her fingers and saying "Pig ears!" and taking a gulp as she puts her fingers with the imaginary ear in her mouth. (I honestly haven't the SLIGHTEST clue where this one came from??!!)

"Oh Mommy, mommy"

I'm just having so much fun as her vocabulary widens. Hearing her say more and more and make up things is so funny.
she is also starting to sing now- "Da Bible tell me so" De-das duv me so"
De-duh duv little one like me-me-me"

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