Monday, January 26, 2009

It's so Easy!

I'm tellin ya, down here, it is so easy to be Vegetarian and Vegan. With stores like Publix and Whole Foods just down the street, being healthy is simple. And soooo delicious!

I was able to get ingredients for a yummy looking Vegan Cheesecake and for supper, we had something incredibly yummy!! Here it is:

Have you ever had Quorn products? I never had! Their chicken cutlets are incredible!!! Mike said he'd rather eat them than the real thing anyday! Yay! Now if only I could get them back home!
I used Better than Sour Cream, Guacamole style for the topping, and I made hummus for the bottom. We used Naan for the bread. Wow. was that ever good! I saute'ed a mixture of veggies-peppers, summer squashes, onions, mushrooms, etc... and some yummy sprouts!
WOW. I'm stuffed.
But that's not all-their incredible looking soy yogurts, and pudding cups, and sooooo much more. I love it. I'm excited. :) Just wish, like I said, that I had a grocery store that amazing at home in TN!


  1. If you have a Kroger or Dillions close by, they carry quorn products. I havent been brave enough to try them yet though!

  2. I've never heard of Quorn! I'll have to go to Krogers and try it. I don't think you have Krogers down there though, Sarah. I think it is just an Ohio area chain. I think a couple other states around us have them, but I'm not sure about TN.

  3. we have krogers. but their nearest store is in Sevierville. so i don't make it over there much. however, i think Ingles might have it, however. and they are closer to me. i'll have to check and see.

  4. I love the Quorn product. They have stirfry sized chick'n and also chick'n patties.