Friday, January 9, 2009

Lunchtime and Resolutions

I really am making some great progress with my New Year's Resolution to add an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies to the menu. It's happening! I am so glad too. It's a lot of fun to cook with fresh foods. And a real delight to just eat them plain too. I have noticed some improvements since beginning this! Hannah's constipation has disappeared! This was a major breakthrough. She has always drank lots of liquids, but recently i began having troubles with her using the potty for #2. Perhaps it had something to do with potty training and not knowing for certain when to go? I am not really sure, but this seemed to play a huge part in it all because she is very regular now. (not that you all wanted to know that, but, hey!) We're eating more big salads, lots of fresh apples, grapes, strawberries and pineapple, avacados, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, lots of fresh things. The list could go on. What is really cool, is that this hasn't added any more $$ to our budget to do this. Simply because we are replacing and modifying. The results are satisfying and yummy.
Today I made myself a big sandwhich. Full of Alfalfa sprouts, fresh tomato slices, and a chic pattie. Yum yum! I saute'ed fresh swiss chard (which I really like alot and chunked mushrooms in a bit of water and olive oil. Salted it lightly and really enjoyed it.
As you can see, I am excited about the changes and looking forward to the Outdoor Fruit and Veggie market down in Florida when we arrive down there in about a weeks time.
I plan to be outside as much as possible. Soaking in the sunshine and warm ocean breezes and eating lots of Oranges and Strawberries and all the rest of the colorful fruits and veggies available. :-D

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  1. Florida?? Oh that will be amazing! That sandwich looks tasty -- I love chik patties! Good job getting more fresh foods in your diet. I'm working on the same thing lately. :)