Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Checklist

I finely found a plan that works! My new and improved Weekly Checklist has been the answer to my struggles. I guess I can't upload a Word file on here, but I'll give you the gist of it.
I have a blocked out grid. On the top are the days of the week, beginning with Monday.
On the side blocks I have Things to do, this is how mine is itemized:
Brush Teeth
Bath Time
Dirty Diapers

Sweep/mop floor
Clean bathrooms

These are just very basic things. Nothing major. Of course the laundry has to be done, the waste baskets emptied, sinks cleaned, etc etc... but I'm not bogging myself down. These are the essentials. Some things, like the dishes are matter of fact. But these household chores help me to see when I've done them and when they need redoing. One thing that has been extremely helpful is that I have put Vacuuming on a rotational basis. In other words, Monday I vacuum the living room, Tuesday the master bedroom, Wednesday hannah's room, Thursday the guest room/nathan's room and Friday I am back to the Living room. This way, I am not bogged down by vacuuming the whole house on one day (usually friday, or, it didn't get done as often as it should) Bathrooms, I clean one on one day, and the other one on another day and just rotate as needed. But I love being able to look at the checklist and seeing at a glance where I am at for the week.
For the kids, I like to make sure I get the things listed on top accomplished with them. Of course their going to get dressed, etc... but now I can keep track of making sure the teeth are brushed, the vits given to both kids(chewables for hannah, liquid for nate) I can see how much water they have drank and when they were bathed last.
Overall, I am extremely happy with this new checklist and keep a new copy of it on my fridge every week.

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  1. You are sounding very organized! I love it... sounds like we have similar personalities :-)