Friday, February 6, 2009

The Comb

As some of you may have guessed, Hannah's hair is definitely a battleground when it comes to combing it out! And, if you have any experience at all with little kids, you most likely know that many of them do not like to have their hair combed. Especially if it entails tangles and knots. Which, Hannah's definitely has quite easily. So, my big quest lately, has been for a comb that works! Hassle free, or at least nearly so! And, perhaps some detangler that actually works! I trudged into Sally Beauty Store the other day, Nathan on hip (as usual) in search of a comb, and detangler. Well, they pretty much wouldn't even sell me detangler that was going to be used for a little one because, evidentally, the top 5 ingredients are harmful if put in your mouth-one ingredient being the equivelent of silicone!! You know, little kids like to put their hair in their mouth. The sales lady had the audacity to think that Nathan was a girl that I was using detangler on his poker straight hair! Who in their right mind??? He was dressed in a red and black striped shirt with jeans on! With short hair!!! Anyways, I blew it off and went on to a different isle to pursue a comb. I found 3.
I like this one the best:It works fantasticly like a dream! Eases right through her tangled wet hair with nary a pull or a tug. Thank you, thank you very much Sally! :)

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  1. That comb does look like it would work well. She has gorgeous hair...glad you're finding things to make it easier on you. :) Some people just don't think before they talk, I guess...that's funny though.