Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life as it is's going. ;)
Mike has been reading me such inspiring devotionals each morning. Ones on courage, faith, trusting in God, and how we'll never truly be happy unless the Lord is our all. Amen to that! I am sincerely working on some verses in the Bible. Ones such as (paraphrased) being content in whatsoever state I am, rejoicing in the Lord always, The joy of the Lord is my strength, I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me. (etc)
So today, I went to the beach with the kids. I didn't feel very joyous or courageous, but I went anyway. I unwound and relaxed on the sand, sitting in the sun. Nathan took a nap again, and Hannah played to her hearts content. Afterwards we stopped in at the store, got a couple things to eat for lunch and to make for supper and headed home. I got everyone fed and showered and in to their beds. We all napped. Praise God. I really do feel better. :)
On a lighter note, Nathan has been really cruisin' lately! I am finding that with an older sibling you really have to watch out and go on pick-up protrol to find all the little pieces laying around that babies love to stick in their mouths. Never had that trouble with hannah! Now we have all her small parts to toys or whatever lying around and they make perfect baby toys! (so thinks Nathan anyhow) He goes scooting after me, under tables and chairs to get to his final destination.
Another great new thing with Nathan is that he is finally sleeping through the night pretty consistently. I know, I know, he is 8 months old. But, that is how long he took. After he really began getting stuffed with oatmeal and fruit at night, he SLEEPS! He has no choice! He's too full to do anything but roll over and groan! LOL!!!! ;)
As for the whining with Hannah.... I am finding that if I stop her in her tracks by having her go sit in a "happy chair" until she is happy again, it really helps a lot. For instance, she begins whining because I am not getting something done for her quick enough or how she wants it. I tell her-"Hannah? you're whining. We don't want whining. We need to be happy, liked we prayed about this morning. Go sit in the happy chair until you can be happy again. As soon as you can smile and be happy, you can get up." She compliantly goes and sits and in a few minutes gives me a huge grin and says "Hannah all happy mommy!" So, this is what is working for now. So thankful!
Yesterday, while driving home from somewhere, Hannah wanted something to eat. Since it was near suppertime I offered her one of her little fruit cereal bars to eat. After a little while she chirped "MM! Dis bone dood! Hannah one a-nuddy one!" (she thought it was a yummy bone to eat and she wanted a nother one!)


  1. Haha!!!! Doesn't the Bible say something about giving your children bones? oh no, that was stones. Well, they rhyme anyway. Don't mind me, its been a long day.:P Praise God that you found a way to help Hannah not whine...I like how you talked to her and let her know WHY she had to sit in the 'happy chair'. Sounds like something out of To Train Up a Child. :)

  2. So glad you had a restful and successful day. Good for you! I love your idea about the happy chair, especially since it's working so well for Hannah. Keep up the good work!

  3. Lia learned the words "choking hazard" quite early on. Even now, she runs in and snatches toys out of Amelie's hand, worried that they are going to be a "choking hazard". :) Hahaha.

    Sounds like you're helping Hannah (who is darling, btw) to RECOGNIZE when she's whining. And then giving her tools to stop. Hope it all goes well and some effort now pays off in a whine-free older child! :)