Friday, February 6, 2009

Montessori Based Schooling

Lately I have been contemplating schooling with Hannah. Beginning schooling. I knew that in short I liked the Montessori based learning. I decided to look into it a bit more. I found several websites MommyLife was one-she actually has several books available. Then, I just did a general search on the Montessori methods of learning. I got the jist of it and began brainstorming. These are ideas that I could begin even NOW-at age 2 and keep working on through age 4. Some of it she may retain now, and others make take some time. I thought I'd share some of the ideas that I came up with as I had a lot of fun thinking them up! Perhaps you have some ideas to add to this list?

Science-Watch a carrot top grow-explain sunlight, water, fresh air
Make a flower/vegetable garden, learn how to plant, teach color, shape and plant names
Make "rain clouds" and teach about clouds and different types
Learn about weather and seasons-pick out outfits that go along with that type of weather and discuss what happens during each.
Have an ant farm!

Home Ec-Teach the art of dishwashing! Get a small dishpan, fill it with soap and water and use plastic dishes
Learn to peddle bike
Get dressed ( I was surprised at how far along she is in this process already!)
Make a bed
How to make a PB+J and other simple "meals"

Math- Learn to count using various objects such as: counting dry beans, cups of water, stairs,fingers, etc etc
String beads or buttons learn counting, shapes and colors

Music- Learn rythm and timing for songs-preferrably scripture/bible based-
make homemade "drums" and beat out the timing.

Art and Dexterity- Crafts-learn how to cut and paste.
Fingerpainting, sidewalk chalk, coloring, drawing,

Basics- Learn alphabet using letter books, letter magnets, songs, etc...
Memorization using scripture songs and memory verses
Read real to life history stories at childs level
Continue to impress color, work on advanced colors, such as peach, lavendar, lime, etc...

This is a start! What do you think?! I'd love some feedback!


  1. I would love to however when I tried to call the number that popped up on my phone when you called some lady said that I had the wrong number Hmmmm call me later

  2. These are great ideas! I'm thinking along similar lines with my Kindergarten lesson planning, but these ideas take it down a step further and make learning fun for toddlers! I say, keep finding ideas and just check off when you do things...Hannah will be getting a well-rounded head-start at learning!

  3. Mommy life is the best overall resource I've found. Well, her books are...her blog has kind of veered away, but there is lots of good stuff in the archives. We have a cupboard of "school" activities. Jars with lids, touch things, alphabet stuff, etc. The cupboard has a door on it because the younger sibling can wreak havoc. :) I really appreciate the Montessori hands-on approach.