Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Naming Your Place

The idea crossed my mind today-why shouldn't we pick a name for our home and acres in Tennessee? You know? sort of like Anne of Green Gables! She had names for all the places she loved and held dear. Why shouldn't we name our home places too?
Here are a few names I thought of just now to get me started on the place naming game I have now enlisted myself in. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions of your own?

*Heavenly Heritage Farm
*Living Springs Homestead
*Apple Tree Acres
*Happy Hearts Landing
*Babbling Brook Meadows


  1. Apple Tree Acres definitely has a ring to it...I like this idea! :) We thought about naming our place...I forget what it was now, something about the little yellow house.

  2. I like Apple Tree Acres too. Though all of your names sounds pretty neat!

  3. ooh I love your bookshelf thing Sarah! I gott get me one too.:)

  4. hey Azure! I am trying to post comments on your blog, but it never seems to work?? Do you know why that may be? Also- I don't know your most current e-mail addy??

  5. Ugh...That is strange! Let me see if I somehow have it set funny because that would explain why I haven't got many comments lately from anyone. Thanx for letting me know!
    My email is