Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Splendid Date Night and a Fabulous Sunday

Sabbath evening, Mike suggested we head down to the beach and watch the sun set over the water. What a great idea! The sunset was gorgeous! A mixture of burnt gold and crimson pink colors, I couldn't stop taking pictures of it!!
Afterwards, we headed up the road towards home. I had seen an Indian restuarant in one of the plaza's and wanted to see a menu. You see, it has been brewing inside of me for some time-this desire for Indian Cuisine. Then, last week, the urge was even stronger as I read Laura's post about her homemade curry. I decided that I would make Mike and I some homemade Indian cuisine. So we stopped by the store and I ran in for some coconut milk, garbanzo beans and some yellow rice. Then, Mike ran in and came out with a lovely surprise: A dozen incredibly colored roses. They were called the "rainbow" bouquet because of all the colors in them. Simply dazzeling. He also had a perfectly romantic card that he had somehow managed to write in while in the store, strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate syrup! Wow. Incredibly romantic. I'll leave out the rest of the story..... lol
Anyways, after the kids were in bed I made the Indian curry and it was sooooooo super good. In fact, it was so good that I had it the next morning for breakfast!!
Sunday morning was so pretty, weather wise. We got up, ate breakfast and took off for Myaka state park to bike ride! We biked for over an hour and enjoyed every minute of it! We saw aligators and wild boars and lots of birds were singing over head. After an invigorating ride we went to lunch at Moe's-an incredibly yummy burrito shop. After gorging ourselves on some fabulous burritoes we came home where the kids went for their naps, and mommy folded laundry-and blogged. can't forget that. lol! Perfect weekend. Such a rejuvination for the week ahead. :) I'll have to post the pictures in another post since my camera is in the room where the kids are napping and I will not jeporadize naptime!! haha!!


  1. Your date night and the day after sound so fun! :) Glad I could be of some inspiration...

  2. Wow, that all sounds lovely! You'll have to try an Indian restaurant sometime! They are really good! :)