Thursday, February 12, 2009

This and That

I thought of a new name for our place as I was laying in bed last night, waiting for sleep to take over. What about..... HeartsHome? (kind of like, our hearts have found a home. They are home to stay.) What do you think?? I mentioned my idea of naming our place to Mike last night. He sort of took it like a guy-you know, all nonchalant, but yet, thought it was a neat idea. He may have liked HeartsHome too. But I'm not sure what he thought really, seeing as how he was barely coherent when I mentioned it to him. (why do men drift off to sleep so quickly and us woman lay there for what seems like forever on some nights listening to them sleep??)
Today is Mike's aunt Kate's birthday. I am making a lasagna for it, someone else is bringing garlic sticks, colaberated efforts on a salad and of course the usual cake and icecream. Hannah happily colored a birthday card and Nathan scribbled one out of his own as well. Hannah thinks birthday's are the cat's meow and loves singing happy birthday. And the balloons. Can't forget the "boons" as she calls them!
I got these "sprouted beans" at the store the other day. They actually taste quite good, really. They are sprouted mung bean, adzuki and red lentils! Hmm... who would have thought I'd be eating raw sprouted beans? But they are highly nutritious, Hannah likes them, and, why not eat them?? lol!
Last week I took a very quick jaunt to the Christian Bookstore down here in Sarasota and purused the book selections. I wanted one book for sure-"Set Apart Femininity" by Leslie Ludy. From there I browsed, and saw several titles that pricked my interest. I am currently reading like, 6 books. Help me! I need to finish one! They are all so enthralling and all serve a different purpose that I want to read them all. Right now. All at once. Take a look at my new bookshelf at the side of my blog! You can click the arrow to go to the next set of shelves to see all my current reads. :)
Our dog had puppies 3 weeks ago now. She isn't doing the best with them this time around. Meaning, she doesn't seem to be producing enough milk to keep them all going. We've lost several already and one is hanging in the balances. We're bottle feeding it best we can, but only time will tell. He's pretty much the size of a newborn still. He also has a bad sore on his back foot-don't know where it came from, but it is infected and the foot is quite swollen.
At any rate, the other 6 are progressing fine. Thank the Lord. Just pray they all sell when the time comes!
Well, I'm wanting to read a bit before I start on that Lasagna, so I'm going to sign off for now. Hoping you're all having a blessed day!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect name! I like it! Funny...I usually fall asleep before my hubby--but he is a night owl and I am absolutely NOT! :)
    As for my commenting problem I think somehow it got set on 'registered users' [whatever that is] and so I set it back onto 'anyone' like I MEANT to have it on. So feel free to try commenting again! I looove comments. :)