Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day this year was, of course, on Sabbath. After church, lunch, and getting the kids down for naps, Mike and I left for an afternoon date. Mike's aunt, along with other family took over watching the kids for us, which was so nice of them to do! Last week I signed up for Valentine's Day inspirational Renewal of Vows ceremony at a Christian bookstore in the area. Mike wasn't so sure what to think of this whole concept, but he went along. ;) Upon arriving, we had our picture taken as a couple and were seated at nicely decorated tables. There was nice Christian music being played on the piano by a young lady. A dynamic pastor and his wife from the area had a great message on the background of Valentine's Day and on love and how our heart, when cut in half, is the shape of the Hebrew symbol of love. It was really interesting! There were some lovely songs on love sang by another young lady, as well as a young man. Then, we had a renewal of our wedding vows! It was SO special! Afterwards, they served some pretty Valentine cupcakes and we recieved the photo that had been taken of us, along with a Caligraphy message about our wedding vows and love.
After we left the bookstore, the sun was beginning to set. We headed towards the beach to watch the sun go down, however, traffic was such that I don't think we'd be out of there and home even yet! So we turned around and decided to find a place to eat. Everywhere was pretty packed, it being the supper hour and a day for Lover's to eat out and all! Most of the waits were anywhere from 1-2 hrs. Yikes! We drove closer to home and found a little Amish home cooking sort of place, no wait at all! We'd eaten there before and they have good food, so we pulled in and were seated immediately. I couldn't believe it! We had a lovely dinner and topped it off with Strawberry shortcake. YUM.
Then, for our grand finale of a wonderful day, we purchased the movie Fireproof and went home and watched it! Wow. What a dynamic and power packed movie! If you haven't watched it already, I really encourage you to do so. An added plus to this movie is that there is no bad language, or bedroom scenes. Which was so nice for this day and age where its hard to get a good movie to watch.
So, a renewal of our commitment of love to each other, a special dinner and an incredible movie. A beautiful evening together. I love my man so much and love spending each and every day of my life with him. I thank the Lord for bringing him into my life and can't imagine life without him.
Hope your Valentine's Day's were special and love filled too. :)

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