Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Treat

This morning I saw a really sweet idea for a Valentine's Day treat. I decided we ought to embark upon a little adventure and make some "sweet treats" for some of those we love. I thought we'd hit up the local Walmart and get in and out of there within a 1/2 hr. in time for Nathan's morning nap. Well, most of you all know how those short little jaunts turn out! This one was no exception. 1/2 hr. turned into an hr. I guess not too bad, considering! I first saw this adorable picture: and thought to duplicate it. Easy, right?! So I thought! First came the diving through gobs of people in the candy isle. All searching for the perfect candy for their lovers. Then, came picking some fabric and ribbon, and then.... the worse part. We wanted to get little jam style canning jars. I thought to get a box of them. That would work just dandy! My logic was-"there are so many Amish/Mennonites in the area, wouldn't there be canning jars aplenty to be had?" Guess not! A sales lady snappingly told me they didn't carry them. So I had to come up with something else. I thought-why not get a sundae petal glass? They'd look pretty with candy in them. Hmm... only one available. Plastic cups? naww.... How about candle holders? NONE to be had!!! Ok. How about Terra Cotta clay pots? Up and down the garden isle-finally! I spotted them! They were fairly large pots, I wanted some real small ones, but I guess this was all I was going to get. So I got them. They were .75 cents a piece. Not bad! Hannah could hardly wait to get started on the project! We found some flowery stickers and we were off! Got home and got Nathan down for his nap and us girls got to work! I thought they really turned out quite nicely! Hannah stuffed them brimming full, and put stickers on the rims. I put the fabric and ribbon on. Lovely. :)

We had fun, and I'm sure the lucky recievers will enjoy their treats. :)

Happy Valentines day!


  1. SO CUTE! Yours are definately prettier than the picture you started with!!!