Monday, February 16, 2009

Wit's End

I am sitting on the couch typing this, while listening to the screaming cries of Nathan who is refusing to take a nap. And, I am listening to Hannah kicking the wall, and jump around while she too, refuses to take a nap. I am tired. So very very tired. Mike was sick last night and kept me up to til 1 a.m. then the dog started barking. And she barked for several hours. Then Hannah woke up crying. Then she woke up again and ran into our bed. Then Nathan woke at 5:30 for his morning bottle. Then Hannah slept fitfully from 5:30-7:30 and that's when the day commensed. Hannah is full of whines, Nathan's been fine, but now he won't nap! I need them to nap! I am so tired! I just want to take a nap myself! My nerves are beginning to frey, listening to whines and cries. Hannah has been whining a lot lately and I can't stand that. I just want her to stop. She whines over everything! And I really truly mean everything! The other thing is that every where she looks down here, she see's food-some type of food that she wants and so she decides she's hungry and she wants that food. I tell her no and she whines. Or cries, or gets mad and wacks something. Not a good thing. As much as I enjoy being in Florida-I love getting back to my own house and environment. Back to just us-our immediate four. April seems like a long ways a way when I think about it. So, I guess I'd better not think about it. Maybe it isn't so very far... I've got 6 more weeks to go maybe?? That's part of Hannah's trouble-being out of her realm. And yet, she loves people, the more the better. Problem is, she can't seem to see her way clear to take a nap and rest up for the next set of people to see! LOL! I thought naptime was going better, but we're back to where we were, yet again. Oh well, buck up, Sarah!
I think I'll just go and veg on the beach for the afternoon. Just laze away in the ocean breezes. (HAHA!!!)
Hmm... perhaps at least Nathan has succombed to sleep, I don't hear him crying anymore. Now if Hannah will sleep. At any rate, I'm gonna take a nap.


  1. It will get better!! Seems like we all have these days once in a while...and then our kids get back on schedule and life seems doable again. :) You can do it!!

  2. I have an idea about whining with Hannah. Fanta was really really bad at whining and I started taking away toys to play with if she whined. For a while she did not have very many toys to play with. Her main time of whining was at meals and the only time she could earn back her toys was at meal time. She is still earning back her toys. Whining is not completely gone but it is way better.

  3. Oh, you poor darling! You need some time out...LOL. I wish I could give advice but I am not, you know, experienced in child-rearing. :) Pray for ya though!

  4. I know what you need a pair of gun muffs I used them when I worked at the kennel a delightful little invention that imapairs you hearing just enough to make the sound around you bearable :) haha i keep having a funny picture in my mind of you with a pair on blissfully ignorant of the noise of whining or crying