Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here's to a Better Week

Wow. What a week this past one has been. Dealing with sick children and all that goes along with that, several outings with my mom and grandma who came to visit, sleepless nights (due to sick kids). Rambunctious children full of energy and on the go at all times, Along with the general stresses of life, I was so exhausted. I hadn't slept but probably 5 hrs. a night for 10 days straight. After 2 nights of actually getting to sleep through and two naps this weekend, I am on my way to feeling better. But I think I need to go to sleep early again tonight. We had an enjoyable weekend overall. Sabbath I took Hannah to Sabbath School while Mike stayed home with Nathan. Hannah privately confided to me that she wanted to go to the other "happy day" and see Miss Candy (her S.S. teacher from back home) See? I'm not the only one missing home and the comfortable familiarities! ;)
Today, Mike took us to the Mote Aquarium! Nathan had the biggest eyes and was super excited about the fish! We got to see some dolphins jump for us too! And boy howdy, those Manatee's sure are big! Then we had a nice picnic on the beach. Overall, a good day.
Now for the week ahead: I think the only outings I will do are the park (2 minutes from my house) and possibly the library. And, I will be doing more planned activities with Hannah. I looked at this website as suggested by my friend, Laura, and was SO enthused about it! It's a day by day, week by week, month by month Toddler activities layout for a WHOLE YEAR!! As you know from a recent post I had regarding "pre-schooling" for Hannah, I have been brainstorming for ideas to keep her occupied and happy during the day. The above website has the greatest ideas! Each week is a different theme. For instance, this week, we'll be learning about Noah's Ark! There are all sorts of fun ideas on her site for each day of the week! As well as a host of resources for more ideas if you have more time and energy. So..... here goes! I think I'll loosely follow her program, implementing lots of Spiritual insights along the way and just keep the creative juices flowing.
As a side note, last week, we planted some seeds in little seedpod greenhouses we found at Walmart. Hannah is looking forward to seeing the seeds sprout and we are learning that sunshine, water and Jesus make the seeds to grow. I have no idea what these things will look like once they begin coming up, since there are bean seeds with flower seeds and eggplant with tomato, who knows! LOL! But she had fun just the same and I'm NOT stressing over it.
At any rate, I'm off to snooze and I guess I'll catch you later!

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  1. Wow, you need more sleep!! Glad you're finally getting caught up. :) And I'm so glad you like the website I found -- isn't it great? It really gives me the boost I need to plan fun things for Peter and I during the day. Keep posting about what you do...we're going to do the Noah theme this week too!