Thursday, March 19, 2009

Irish Day-It's all about Green!

I honestly don't think I've ever really "celebrated" or observed St. Patrick's Day! This year was a first. Now don't go jumping all over me and filling me in on the Paganistic inter-twining's this holiday has! I am informed. Haha! However, I did think it would be a fun activity for Hannah to pretend that she was a baker (you know, Occupations week? ;)) and make some GREEN cupcakes! Then, I thought, 'you know? why not have a fun Irish dinner as well' . So, I made Shepherd's Pie (which I don't know if it was Irish or not, but it had potatoes in it. hehe) Boiled Cabbage, Long Carrots with butter and maple syrup on them (really yummy!), Greenbeans served in a parsley white sauce and dinner rolls. It was yummy! And, I forgot to take a picture of a nice plate load of food. Oh well, I did take a couple of pictures of the food itself.
Hannah had lots of fun with the green cupcakes, and she really ate only one. Barely. She's not too much of a sweet tooth.
See? Even the cupcake batter was green!

I didn't have any shamrocks to put on top of them but I thought they turned out kind of neat looking anyways....We ended our evening by reading the History of St. Patrick's Day. Intriguing! :) Did you know that Patrick was a Sabbath Keeper?? At least at one time he was!

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  1. All your food looks great!! And those cupcakes look especially good. Yum. I want one. :)