Thursday, March 12, 2009

Modesty, Modesty

This week, I have been enjoying reading about a fresh look at modesty over at It's been quite interesting reading the different perspectives and views on modesty. On Thursday, the host of this week on modesty, gave the readers a chance to go to their own blog and write their own take on modesty. Possibly what they had learned during the week, or pictures of themselves dressing in modest outfits, or just their general take on the whole subject. So, I decided to post a blog on the topic of modesty.

I grew up pretty conservatively with high standards in modesty. I remember as a young girl wanting to wear pretty dresses because "I was a girl; and girls wore dresses!" My mother would often sew me pretty little dresses to wear and I always relished putting a new one on. As the years passed, I was friends with many people. In my circle of friends, many of them wore dresses and considered this to be modest and God's will for their lives. Back in "the day" you seemed to be considered modest and appropriately dressed if you wore dresses to your ankles, homemade were preferred; and long denim skirts. Well, as I grew older, I would go from thinking I had to dress this way, and then wonder if it were really something that I had to do in order to become part of God's Kingdom! So I'd waver back and forth. It took some years of study and really solidifying my beliefs for myself in order to come to a clear decision or myself as to what I believed and held as a standard for my life. Everyone is going to be different and this is going to be between you and God. He will lead you in how He desires for you to dress! It may be a slow journey, or happen all at once. Main thing is, He will direct.
Fast forward to my adult life and a whole new perspective! As daughters of the King we are called to a higher standard! It's not a dowdy, frumpy, just rolled out of bed sort of look. It's a fresh, clean pressed look. It's an updated go with the times, but not according to the world sort of look. It's dressing with a style and a flair, and yet it's more than that. It's a radiant smile, a pure heart and a love for God that spills over into everything we do. When we love God, we'll want to honor Him. Yes, even in our dress. We won't want to reveal ourselves for all the world to see by wearing tight fitting clothes and low cut necklines. We won't want to wear the tight fitting pants, the "short shorts", the slinky dresses, etc... We'll actually desire to dress for the King of Kings! Necklines that don't reveal every little thing as we bend over, dresses that come below the knee, shirts thataren't skin tight, you know what I'm talking about! The best thing about all of this is that you can do all of this and still look great and in style too! I really enjoyed some of the styles at: they were fresh and modest and so stylish as well! They have a great under tank for those shirts you love, but are just a little too low or a bit loose, etc... I really like them! All over their skirts are to the knee or below, they have lovely feminine shirts, etc...

Christopher & Banks also has wonderful styles and many of them are suitable to a Daughter of the King. If you can't afford some of the in store prices, check out Ebay! Also, what I have been starting to do, is, when I see something I really like, begin looking for it in stores like Ross and second hand stores. Pray about it and the Lord will lead you to the right place at the right time!May take a little longer than you'd like, but you can get great outfits for cheap if you persevere! For example, I found this outfit at Ross! the skirt was marked down to 9 dollars. The top was 5.00!

At any rate, life is good living as a Daughter of the King and you don't have to be a dowdy frump to dress modestly. You can look like a Queen! You can dress for success! And, best of all, put on Christ, for He is our true outward adorning! Keep Jesus with you and smile amidst the storms life throws your way and you will be truly radiant!

God bless you all in your journey!


  1. Thanks so much for this post! It was an encouragement to me :) Love that skirt too btw! I need to go to Christopher and Banks!
    Blessings :)

  2. I love it! Yes, this is exactly what modesty is! I love your perspective and your beautiful outfit. Your picture embodies everything you wrote above...fresh, clean, pressed...dressing with style and flair, radiant smile, pure heart, love for God.
    Thanks for sharing...I'm inspired!

  3. A good perspective. Yes, above all else,we must strive to please God.

  4. I love the outfit! And enjoyed reading your blog. It was lovely to be able to visit. Blessings, Jules.

  5. I've battled with what is modest, always have to wear skirts etc and I totally agree with you! Perfect outfit for the beach, it matches the colors of the sea!