Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Noah's Ark

This week's theme from PammsHouse is Noah's Ark! We've had fun so far!
We've made an "ark" from sticks and moss, divided it into rooms inside and put little "leaf" animals in the "rooms". Hannah played with her Noah's Ark sticker book, we sang "The Raindrops fall with a Pitter Pitter Pat" while she held the umbrella and I squirted it with the spray bottleAnd, last but not least, we took a trip to the local library and got a bunch of Noah's Ark books. I am somewhat dissapointed in how the story is portrayed so differently in all of the books. As in, the clouds were gathering so they hurried into the ark and it immediately began to rain. Where is that in your Bible?! Things like that, so, I have to watch out for them, and correct as I go along.
At any rate, here are a few pictures from the two days we have done so far. I won't include the picture of our "ark" because you would have no CLUE what on EARTH it was!! Haha!!!


  1. Oh, but it would be sooo neat to see the ark!

  2. I was kinda hoping to see that "ark"...no matter how much imagination it would take to see it! I LOVE what you're doing! :) So fun.

  3. that is so creative...and sounds so fun!