Thursday, March 19, 2009

Painting and Beads

I have been finding that the more Hannah is kept occupied and busy, the more happy and content she is. That said, I have been keeping my eyes VERY open for great "busying" activities for her. Yesterday, on my day out, I found a great set of washable paints!! Now we're talkin'! I have definitely found out the exasperating way-ya gotta have washable! I found some paintbrushes to go along with the paints, and the coolest BIG pad of paper to paint on! So, we decked the table in newspaper and got to work! Hannah had so much fun painting. I must tell you though, if you are thinking of taking on this fun project with your toddler-Be on hand at ALL times! I mean, like-sitting right next to them! Or else you WILL have a disaster on your hands! Hannah was so content and quiet while painting, it was amazing! She painted 4 pictures. One for each of her grandma's and one for whomever I guess! :)
The next project I found her was pipecleaners and beads. Real cheap and real fun. If you have crawling babies in the household, make sure you do this project while he/she is sleeping and do a bead protrol afterwards! Hannah did amazingly well stringing the beads along the pipecleaners. I was impressed! She loved doing it and it kept her busy-on her own-for some time! Yay for that! :-D


  1. you are such a fun mom! and i love your new look on the blog!!!

  2. Fun activities! :) I think Peter might like the bead stringing too...I'll have to try that sometime. LOVE the bright springy colors and you're new blog format! :)

  3. She is such a little sweetie, Sarah. :o) I totally echo the same sentiments, too - keeping them busy equals best behavior! Grace is nutty if she's not immersed in a project/game/activity. In fact, a friend just gave her a new watercolor project set thingie and I know she's craving it...I've been mean mommy, though, and purposely saving it for one of her chaotic days, knowing that it'll refocus her, LOL!

    Have a great weekend!