Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing Doctor

This week we're focusing on "Occupations" for Hannah's fun, hands on, learning time. Today we learned about Doctor's and Nurses and what they do! Hannah got to play Doctor. Mike's grandma happened upon a little kids Doctor bag at her friend's yard sale last week and brought it home for us. I cleaned it up and Hannah had a lot of fun playing Doctor with her baby doll this morning. I added some bandaid's and some cheerio pills and voila! We had a Doctor bag. (Cathy was a very willing and agreeable patient. ;)
We then created a bandaid collage and had lots of fun doing that.
Then read some fun kid books on being Doctors and Nurses.
It's so fun to be able to do this sort of "learning" fun with Hannah each day. It adds some spice to life. Not only do I have a format to go by, I have ideas which sprout new ideas and THAT is what I needed!

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